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Not all 'change' is good. The internet has dramtically changed the vacation travel business. Now, more often than not, it offers confusing choices and requires full payment when you are just making the reservation.

There are Hawaii trip packages that are not 'instant purchase & non-refundable' where you can place a deposit and then pay the balance over time - you just need to know how to book it. Why are you paying months in advance - when you do not have to? Ask us for details - our mission is to assist you to get the best value, while saving time, frustration, and money.

We are Certified Hawaii Destination Specialists who assist & guide our clients through the process of booking their trip by helping them make informed choices. With the volume of information and 'clutter' on internet sites, there is just too much information to sift through to deduce out what is 'real' and what is 'marketing-speak'. As full time 'Hawaii Only' consultants, we assist our clients in making intelligent buying decisions. Our customers are comfortable and confident that they have gotten the best deal that was available to them - and more importantly, gotten the best value for their money. We rarely have one time clients - almost all contact us again for their return trips. You see, the value of our services does not really show through until you have experienced the process.

We are paid, retained professionals. We do not accept all contacts to be our clients. After a nominal advance service fee, we will serve as your advocate in securing the trip that meets your requirements.

Almost always, our initial retainer covers the needed professional expertise to adequately plan the dream trip of your lifetime. Should your situation require more input than normally needed, or if you 'really want your hand held', our service time over and above the norm will be billed hourly.

The internet has made it easy for people to see the core of a trip (airline flights and accommodations) - but not what it takes to make that trip memorable. With 21 years experience, we are not 'internet new-bies' - but we are 'leading edge'. We are not going to offer to 'sell you a trip', rather we will assist you locate the best value for your budget and vacation time. From our personal travel experiences to Hawaii - close to 50 trips each - we are experienced in matching a client with the perfect island (or islands), which areas to stay on the island, and the accommodations (hotel or condo) that will best deliver what the customer expects.

Whatever your reason for traveling to the beautiful Hawaiian Islands, the experts at Hawaiian Travel® can help make the experience one you will cherish for a lifetime.

The first and most important decision on your trip should be contacting and retaining Hawaiian Travel® for truly expert advice. Located close to the DFW (Texas) Airport, our office phone number is 972-915-4063.

Hawaii is such a magical place and each island is so unique, and though we have been close to 50 times each, we still get excited about going back. You just never tire of Hawaii. One of our clients best described Hawaii as 'God's preview to Heaven' -- and we agree.

Are you looking for an excuse to travel to Hawaii - the islands are a perfect place for a:

Hawaii honeymoon
Hawaii destination wedding
Family reunion in Hawaii
Anniversary celebration in Hawaii
Hawaii diving and ocean sports
Wedding vow renewal ceremony
Birthday celebration in Hawaii (Hawaii 5-0 anyone?)
Graduation celebration in Hawaii
Hawaii's world class golf
Girlfriend’s get-away in Hawaii

We look at trips to Hawaii through the eyes of a customer who is paying hard earned dollars for the trip of their lifetime.

Would you like your dream trip to Hawaii planned by an expert travel consultant who has traveled to Hawaii over 40 times and planned trips for over 20 years, and will act as your advocate … or, would you like to sift through the mountains of information out there, with the risk of making major mistakes that may ruin your trip … it is your call (which ought to be to Hawaiian Travel® at 972-915-4063).

Wouldn't you like to know little finishing touches, like ?

Which side of the airplane has the best view for flying into and out of Honolulu?
What’s the hot, new activity in Hawaii? ... and how to fit it into your schedule at the best price?
Which beachfront Maui hotel has (almost) brand new 4-star rooms, still priced at 3-star prices?
Which hotels are offering free nights and room upgrades and even free breakfast?
Which hotels are totally non-smoking, and which ones still offer smoking rooms?
and much, much more information which can be critical to your trip? Anyone can click a button and book a trip - it is the finishing touches that make the difference.





Here is a link for special pricing on Hawaii tours and activities - with 'Hawaii Activities'.

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