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Hawaiian Travel, Inc.® is dedicated to preserving the trust of our clients and safeguarding the information they provide us. Hawaiian Travel, Inc.® maintains a strict non disclosure policy that protects all the data we collect from clients and visitors. This data is not shared with third party providers unless it is necessary to complete a transaction or fulfill a request from a client. Those organizations entrusted with this data have agreed to abide by the Hawaiian Travel, Inc.® non disclosure policy and are prohibited form releasing this information without our consent.

Data We Collect:
Hawaiian Travel, Inc.® does not store IP addresses or use tracking cookies to monitor traffic to our website. The only data that is collected is the statistical data that is relevant to server activity and visitor page usage patterns. This data is only used to further improve our clients web browsing experience and is only kept for a few days. None of the information provided by our clients using the forms contained within is saved. Only data necessary to maintain contact with clients is kept, but never stored within our website, or on our server.

How We Manage Data:
Once a visitor completes, and summits a form from any location within this website, the information is sent to the server handler designated for the management of incoming data. This handler is a hidden folder located within the Hawaiian Travel, Inc.® network, and is part of the encrypted file structure of our web domain. The encrypted nature of this network, and the lack of any link to the hidden folder, makes accidental retrieval of incoming data impossible for any outside source. Once a message has been read, and a response given, the contact information is deleted from the form handler. Since this information is never stored on any other media device other than the form handler, the data is not retrievable once removed from the handler. The statistical data gathered from forms is kept, and stored in a location designated for the safe keeping of numerical input from surveys and forms. Only the statistical data is kept. No personal information or contact information of any kind is stored. For this reason, it will be necessary to provide an E-mail address for any further correspondence when using the forms, or any mechanism used as an input device for which the form handler is designated as the principal file management system.

If you have any question about our security procedures and/or privacy guidelines, please
contact us or Email us.


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